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Palitra Hotel Varna Center Декларация Колор М
Palitra Hotel Varna Center is managed by "Color M" OOD (Ltd.), Varna, VAT №: 103950877

Please, read our declaration for your information:Color M LTD accepts the privacy of users of the site and protection of their personal data very responsibly. The purpose of Color M Ltd. is if your personal data are processed by Color M Ltd., anytime you feel confident that your privacy is respected and that we are making the necessary measures to protect your personal data.

tection in Bulgaria. Color M Ltd collects personal data such as first name, last name, email address and phone number and other information that is voluntarily provided by users of the website. Personal data provided by you will be treated for purposes of providing information and services you have requested.

Color M Ltd. provides no part of the personal data to third parties.

Color M Ltd may at any time revise the terms of this Declaration.

Last updated: 11.03.2012 год.

Privacy Policy

Color M Ltd handles your personal data so that your privacy is as safe as possible. Color M Ltd collects your personal data only in the quantity and extent necessary to provide its services.

Color M Ltd. collects and stores unique information about you (eg name, email address, phone, etc.) only for the time period necessary to fulfill your request for services.

This Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time without notice to be in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

If you have questions about this privacy statement or the processing of your personal data by Color M Ltd., please contact us by E-mail:

Last updated: 10.03.2012.

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